Your essential guide to buying the best gas riding lawn mower

Husqvarna YTH2042

It would be no exaggeration to say that nothing comes close to an immaculately manicured, verdant, and lush lawn in enhancing the visual appeal of your property. A well tended and healthy lawn depends on several factors including watering, compost and fertilizer, weed management, and proper hardware among others. In this article, we will look at one of the major tool, the lawn mower, that is critical for a lustrous looking lawn.
How to find the lawn mower you need
Buying a lawn mower can be oddly bewildering – nobody can be faulted if they get lost in deciding between a push mower, self-propelled mower, electric mower, reeled mower to name just a few. However, the confusion wouldn’t last if you carry out a comprehensive review of your needs and requirements, and match them with the features offered by mower type.
In particular, here are a few considerations that should help you zero-in on your perfect mower:
1) Lawn size: If your lawn is small then a push or self propelled mower would suffice. For yards over half an acre and above, it’s perhaps best to invest in a self-propelled or, even better, a riding mower.
2) Terrain: If your lawn is flat then a push mower would do the job. However, if there are inclines, or obstacles, then a riding mower would be your best bet.
3) If you want more from your mower: If you want to lug and stuff, then a riding mower doubles up as quad tractor.

How to choose the best gas riding lawn mower
Gas riding lawn mowers have perhaps emerged as the most popular category owing to their unrivalled efficiency, ease of use, and versatility. To make sure you pick a gas riding lawn mower best suited for your needs, we recommend carefully evaluating your options based on the following features:
1) Performance: The size of your yard should determine your choice for engine size. You should opt for a powerful engine even if your yard is relatively smaller but you require the mower to double up as a hauler. In addition, look out for details such as adjustable handles if your kids are also going to be using the mower.
2) Features offered: A powerful engine isn’t the be-all when it comes to choosing the right mower. Things like the size of the bag, cutting height options, and mulch and discharge options are some other aspects that you should look before you make your purchase. Mulch and discharge option is excellent if you want to use the cut grass as natural compost.
3) Cutting deck: Choose a mower that offers maximum cutting swath. A larger cutting swath drastically reduces the time taken to mow a lawn. Ideally, your cutting deck size should be no smaller than 20 inches.
4) Safety and support: Lawn mowers can present serious risks of injury if not handled properly or if they lack essential safety features. Presence of flaps to guard your legs from objects flying off the cutting blade, and automatic engine switch off feature are an absolute must. Similarly, you want the vendor to provide prompt, and effective service when there’s a problem with your mower. Make sure about the level of support you’ll receive before you sign the check.
Top 3 gas riding lawn mowers models
1) Husqvarna V-Twin Hydrostatic 46-in: Featuring a reliable Briggs and Stratton engine, the Husqvarna has made name for its handling and maneuverability, multiple features and ease of use. This machine also scores in terms of durability, quality of construction and attractive design.
2) Troy-Bilt Pony Manual 42-in: Featuring a 7 speed transmission that frees you from clutching or stopping, this affordable machine is easy to use and scores for its durability. Be mindful, that this mower does not come with mulch kit as standard.
3) John Deree D105 Automatic 42-in: A high quality machine with a reliable Briggs and Stratton engine featuring full pressure lubrication. This eye catcher of a mower is both easy to use and easy to maintain .